So Am I wrong?

So I had written out this long ass post and after I read it back to myself once I sobered up I realized that its not what I wanted to put out there. first off it was unfair and selfish of me to tell a one sided story. So I deleted the whole thing except the title.

So am I wrong what’s it all about, well basically my wife and I had a bit of a discrepancy. I kind of went a little off the rails when I found out she was hit up by some dude I didn’t know on Facebook. Now any man worth a damn would definitely not let that shit go. Anyway long story short I realized I was being an idiot once I found out who exactly dude was.

And well I knew guy for years. like a long ass time cause he used to live down the road from my cousin. And dude is a legit cat I was being paranoid but i’d move the earth and the heavens for that woman and my kids.

So what the hell is this post all about , well its about never giving up on what or who you love. I’d never give up on my wife and i’d never give up on what I love, and the idea that I was somehow being played just clouded my judgement.

which bring me right back to where I started, this blog and the reason I started it. I just want to be able to write content that the every man can relate too. My hope is that somebody reads this and says yeah im going thru the same thing.

So im committed to help as many people as I can see an opportunity .

So for about 2 and a half weeks now I’ve been messing around with click funnels, my free trial has ended but I got skin in the game as they say and the heat is on to get things set up and running so I can get my first affiliate commission.

Im not embarrassed to admit I haven’t made any affiliate sales or even spent a single dollar promoting a product, aside from this blog I haven’t even told anybody I know about clickfunnels or this blog.

Except for all of you or any of you who may have stumbled upon this blog by complete accident. Again I hope somebody, anybody finds some kind of value in this very personal blog. Even if 1 person walks away after reading this decides for themselves to go into business for themselves or even start a blog or anything they may have been afraid to do. and just take a leap of faith not in me but faith in themselves that’s the money spot.

dedicated dad

My name is Alex Duff and I’m a dad a husband a son, like most of you other dads out there I yearn to be more to do more. So I decided to start this blog to help dads like myself.

so really what is this all about , well basically its about trying to be the best dad husband , man I could possibly be, that means going from paycheck to paycheck to quite possibly being financially free.

So here’s a bit about me. I’M 41 years old I have 2 daughters, 1 that’s gonna be 20 in a few short weeks of todays date. and the baby whos gonna be 5 in November. I know what the hell is this guys problem well that’s a story for another day.

As of today I’m not rich or wealthy but I am blessed more so then most people because of the beautiful family the good Lord has seen fit to bless me with. And everyday I begin with gratitude how thankful I am to be blessed with everything in my life.

The hard times the good times the pain the joy the struggle my rise and fall all of it im thankful for because I know it was Gods will and plan for me and I know that it has made me a stronger person man and character.

Like footprints in the sand I thank the heavenly father for being right there beside me and for never leaving my side. and In those times when I was at my lowest those times when it seemed to unbearable to deal when I thought that things could have never been worse and then it was. it was in those times that I noticed only one set of footprints in the sand.

and it was those times that the heavenly father carried me when I could not stand or walk, he carried me I hope everyone understands that.

It is my hope that anyone reading this learns that before you can have everything you want and asked for, you feel blessed and cherished by our father.

So since having googled those special words how to make money online, I came across a plethora of shit to try out spend money on or some free trial

I did decide on one thing then another ,then another, and you know what I even decided on this blog, which I started about a month ago and then left it stagnant for about a month.

I went back and decided on clickfunnels

Clickfunnels boot camp is a step by step process that’s kind of overwhelming and that’s if you have no understanding of what the hell your doing with the software. Needless to I’ve been over the first 2 videos in the boot camp like 8 times just trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing.

Im finding a better understanding for what im doing but its still not easy. I also understand that its going to take a while before I get this thing humming.

The free trial is over today tomorrow but im gonna pay the $297 for the software. I am willing to make that sacrifice.

So with that I will be committing to write at the very least 2 blogs a week. updating you where I am with my business and just life in general as husband and father.